About our Exchange


The Zile Commodity Exchange Market was founded pursuant to the Ministry of Industry and Commerce’s approval number 54, dated June 11th, 2003. It is the 111th exchange market to have been established in Turkey. The Zile Commodity Exchange Market began its activities on October 2003, while its formal opening took place on Thursday November 13th, 2003. Our exchange has 135 active members in its 6 registered occupational groups. Our exchange is mainly engaged in the transactions of products such as wheat, barley, chickpeas, sunflower, sugar beet, livestock, lentils, etc.. We actively provide services to our members through our contact office, laboratory and two weighing stations located at the Produce Market.
* To maintain our well-deserved place and position in the national economy by providing better services to our members, our country and our region based on modern commodity exchange market practices and approaches.
* To implement our exchange complex project in order to provide better services to our members and to carry out our exchange activities in a more modern and comprehensive way.
* To perform our activities efficiently, effectively and productively, by adhering to the highest standards.
* To provide the best services by performing impartial, accurate, reliable and rapid analyses.
* To closely follow recent technological and scientific advances in order to implement the latest innovations and to provide better services to our members.
* To identify and announce on a daily basis and according to the applicable procedures the price of every product traded in our exchange market.
* To issue general regulations outlining the obligations of vendors and purchasers with regards to deliveries, the receipt of deliveries and payments; the applicable transaction procedures, settlement conditions, and conditions affecting the prices; and the voluntary arbitration procedures implemented in case of disagreements. These regulations are issued with the approval of the Association.
* To follow domestic and foreign exchange markets and markets in order to provide up-to-date information concerning prices. To provide guidance to its members regarding electronic trade and internet networks.
* To establish laboratories and technical offices and to consult the relevant institutions/organizations in order to effectively identify the types and characteristics of products traded in our exchange market.
* To determine, on a regional basis, the applicable manners, customs and conventions regarding our exchange market; to present these manners, customs and conventions to the Ministry for its approval; and to duly announce them following their approval.
To perform the necessary submissions to the competent authorities regarding the activities of the exchange market. To take legal action either on behalf of its members or on its own behalf concerning legal matters that affect the interests of all or some of its members.
* To monitor for potential agreements, decisions and activities that might lead to unfair competition, and to inform the competent authorities in case such agreements, decisions and activities are identified.
* To evaluate applications regarding domestic fairs/expositions, and to forward these requests to the Association.
* To carry out the tasks defined by the regulations, the Ministries and other public institutions in accordance with the written goals and tasks of the exchange market.
As the Zile Commodity Exchange Market, our main policy is to fully adhere to the requirements of the Law Number 5174 and the applicable Quality Management Systems; to embrace a business philosophy based on constant learning and development; to strive for “perfection” instead of simply settling for “good;” to emphasize effective management between members, managers and employees; to constantly improve the quality of our services through the development of our infrastructure, information network and human resources; to protect the interests of the private sector we represent by also placing emphasis on public interest in all its activities; to increase the motivation of our personnel through constant trainings in order to provide the highest quality of service that fully adheres to the applicable Quality Systems; to provide our services rapidly and with and always-positive attitude; to perform our services effectively, impartially, accurately and with full emphasis on quality, by focusing on the satisfaction of our members and producers, and by fully ensuring the confidentiality and safety of member information; and to constantly improve our regularly updated quality objectives and Quality Management System.