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     The Zile district is located approximately 70 km to the West of the Tokat province. Zile is surrounded by the Turhal district the East; the Artova district and the Kadışehri district of the Yozgat province to the South; the Çekerek district of the Yozgat province and the Göynücek district of the Amasya province to the West; and the Amasya province to the North. Zile is one of the largest districts of the Tokat province. Geographically, it is located at 40 degrees 19 minutes North Latitude, and the 35 degrees 45 minutes East Longitude. Its land area is 1512 km2, while its average elevation from the sea level is 710 meters. Zile is established on a mound located at the center of plain surrounded to the South by the Deveci mountains (which extend in the East-West direction), and to the North by a range of high hills (which also extend in the East-West direction). To the South of Zile, the highest peak of the Deveci Mountains stands at an elevation of 1892 meters. Zile is historically one of the oldest inhabited centers in Anatolia.

     Nowadays, the population of the Zile district center/capital is 50,000. Together with its 116 villages, the total population of the Zile district exceeds 110,000. The main sources of income and livelihood in Zile is agriculture, animal raising and commerce. The Zile Vocational School was established in 1989, while the Zile Tourism and Hotel Management Vocational School was established in 1997. These schools bring to Zile over 1000 young individuals every year from different regions of Turkey, thus contributing to the social and economic dynamism of the district and its capital. Plans are currently being made for the building of a training and practice Hotel affiliated with the Zile Tourism and Hotel Management Vocational School; the hotel building itself will be built within the premises of the Zile Vocational School campus. It is believed that this hotel will be ideal for those visiting and staying at Zile for trading or tourism purposes, and especially for visitors from Ankara and Yozgat.

    Zile is famous for its vineyards, orchards, and especially its molasses, roasted chickpeas (leblebi) and cherry. Zile has a wide range of local dishes and drinks produced from the crops, legumes and cereals cultivated in its fields, orchards and vineyards.

     White molasses (beyaz pekmez), clear molasses (duru pekmez), tomato paste, sujuk, dried fruit pulp layers (pestil), bat, stuffed vine leaves (sarma), pickled vine leaves, various compotes and preserved foods, leblebi and varieties of dried nuts are important elements of Zile’s culinary culture. The “Cherry Festival,” the “Centenary Zile Fair,” “Wrestling Competitions,” and “Cattle Raising Competitions” are among Zile’s important social and cultural activities. Zile has currently three important ongoing projects, which are the “Becoming a Province” project, the “Zile - Alaca - Ankara Highway” project and the “New Organized Industrial Zone” project. As a result of the efforts of the Zile Municipality, the construction of both the Zile - Turhal Highway and the Zile - Alaca - Ankara Highway began in the early 2000s. The construction activities for these projects were initiated with ceremony attended by the Minister of Public Works and Housing himself.

    Zile has various industrial facilities and factories that produce molasses, tomato paste, flour, nylon bags, industrial machinery, agricultural tools, furniture, thermopane, marble, rubber shoes, bricks and soil. With respect to both quality and quantity, the level of secondary education services within the Zile district is relatively high. Secondary schools at Zile include an Anatolian High School, an Anatolian Teacher High School, the Zile High School (which also includes a “Super High School”), an Industrial Vocational High School, a Technical High School, an Anatolian Girls’ Vocational High School, a Trade Vocational High School, a Medical Vocational High School, and a Religious (İmam Hatip) Vocational High School